Caregivers Do’s and Don’t

when dealing with grievers


  • Be present
  • No judgement whilst listening
  • Share memories, good and bad
  • Use the name of the absent
  • Make something happen : make a meal, write a card, help with driving, run errands
  • Say : How do you feel today? Would you like to talk about it? It’s ok to be sad. I am sorry. I can not imagine how hard this is for you,…


  • Don’t Say : I know how you feel, It was Gods will, look at Jane, her situation is worse, He is in a better place now, I understand, you should …
  • Don’t avoid the griever.
  • Don’t avoid for fear ; that will make the situation worse. Best to be honest about how you feel.
  • Don’t try to cheer the grieving person up.
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