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Read in “the Beaver” of 23rd of December 2021 …author : Dr Nadia ALAM

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“The pandemic has changed so much between family and friends. Bonds have been tested between couples, children, extended family, school friends, neighbours and even co-workers. Distance, fear, loneliness, and even disputes over the pandemic have strained relationships. You hear about families and friends severing ties over the origin of Covid, trust in science and the public health measures, vaccine safety and necessity and the risk to personal safelty.

Now with Omicron, the latest variant in a virus that continues to mutate and threaten our communities, relationships face yet another challenge. The answer is obvious: pull together once again. The question is “how”? We are all tired, Sick of the worry about the personal hardships we face. Sick of the fear as the pandemic continues its relentless march toward our neighbourhoods. Sick of the uncertainty. We yearn for the freedom and predictability of days past. The pandemic has made us grieve for the loss of….we.., you fill in the blank.

Trite as it sounds, pulling together is the only thing that matters. Pulling together means building relationships. It asks for kindness toward strangers: giving up a seat on the bus… opening the door for a mom pushing a stroller… dropping off a care package to the local police department, addictions clinic, nursing home or library… making a donation to those in need. it asks for kindness toward family and fiends – making a cup of tea for a spouse exhausted from work… holding hands while watching a movie at home… sending a drawing of the family from a child to their aunts and uncles… shovelling the driveway for an elderly neighbour.. playing board games after school… taking a moment to just laugh.

Kindness is compassion, generosity, forgiveness and respect…- especially when we are tired.

It is the core of all relationships.

Kindness is the how of pulling together. So if nothing else, let’s close out 2021 by protecting the one constant left in our lives: our relationships.”

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