“My husband passed away last year – and months after that I experienced strong chest pains. I went to the hospital and got everything checked out physically. Nothing was wrong. My family thought that I would benefit from grief counseling, thinking that I had not dealt with his passing yet. So, I contacted Ilse through our funeral home. My family was right; and I can not express how much it helped me- not only dealing with my current loss, but also to grasp and understand other losses in my life.

Ilse is very insightful and caring; she helped me find the right way to deal with my loss and uncover the positive ways to move forward in my life. I will not forget my loss but I am forgiving myself for the anger,guilt and resentment that accompanied my grief.

“Heal Your Heart” pretty much sums up what Ilse does – or she can set you on a course to be healed from heavy hurts, losses, sadness and grief.”
Liz P. (Jan 2021)

I have a physical disability and my husband is my caregiver. Originally I wanted this course for me because I felt lost in life. I had a lot of questions: why me? What do I mean for others if I am the needy one? Together with Ilse, I took a look at my life, what I learned from my parents and how I handled that knowledge. It opened my eyes to some patterns I got stuck with. I learned to look at life differently. It makes me more receptive and a lot happier.
Caroline S. (Jan. 2021)

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Ilse helped me to rebuild and find balance in my life after some stressful situations that happened to me. I found Ilse approach tailored to your specific needs. She is extremely sympathetic, without loosing her professionalism. She let me explore the experiences that shaped me, and let me try to find a sense to all that happened. Every appointment was a discover. I strongly recommend Ilse’s sessions, especially because she is very emphatic and trustworthy.

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