About Ilse

My name is ilse

I started my interest in Grief, Death and Dying during my Masters degree in Religion, from which I graduated at the University in Leuven, Belgium where I also got a teachers degree and a pastoral community work certification. Later, I worked towards a degree of Health Educator at the European Academy for Complementary Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium.

Since 1998, my family  has lived in different Latin-American countries. In 2009 we arrived in Canada and that’s when I decided to certify in Grief Edu-Therapy, a cognitive behavioural approach to grieving.  I am certified  by ADEC,  the Association for Death Education and Counseling as a grief educator and I am a member of the OAMHP, Ontario Association for Mental Health Professionals. I regularly attend workshops and online meetings about different topics regarding loss, grief and mental health.

In my practice, I accompany teens and adults coping with ANY KIND OF LOSS by  providing a  safe, confidential, non-judgmental place where experiences can be discussed and thoughts, feelings and reactions can be shared. You know best what works for you. I can guide you in this journey, support you, give you some insight and offer coping strategies.

Heal Your Heart uses a cognitive behavioural approach to grieving focussed on identifying unhelpful patterns of thinking and perception. Whilst working with emotions and relationships, the goal is to get freed of the pain that comes with grief and loss.

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