How to approach anniversaries?

Getting close to the date when your loved one died or left you?
Feeling nervous and out of the ordinary? Of course. It is only natural to feel all these unsettling feelings. Days like this highlight emptiness and loss. They are changed forever because of the void left in your life.

Suggestions on how to make it through

Plan! Yes, plan that particularly day. Honour the person who is no longer there.
Talk with your family if possible (in person, over the phone, on Zoom or WhatsApp)
Ask them what they would want to do to honour the memory.

Create a ritual! Yes, rituals help to find meaning in the memory of your loved one. Whatever is meaningful to you, whatever was meaningful to your loved one…
– light a candle in the morning dedicated to your loved one
– make a contribution to a charity
– take a card or flowers to the gravesite
– buy a present in memory of your loved one and give it to yourself
– buy a book and donate it to your local library
– bake a cake
– plant a tree
– buy a bouquet of flowers for yourself and dedicate it to your loved one
– share a special meal with family or friends
– share memories
– paint your room

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