How best to cope with your grief?

  • Be with caring people. Spend time with family, friends, neighbours, or members of a self-help group, who have been through the experience of loss and grief.
  • Take enough time. Everyone reacts differently to a loss.
  • Listen and express your feelings : crying, talking, being sad or angry.. every emotion counts!
  • Reach out for help: let people know when you need them. Mostly others stay away thinking not to invade your privacy.
  • Take care of your health. If you feel any physical change or stress or illness, you best contact your doctor.
  • Try accepting a changed life. Recognize that you may be less attentive to your work, that you need more rest.. all this is inherent to grief.
  • Offer support to other family members, certainly the children. Be honest about what has happened and try to show your feelings and talk about it with them.
  • Don’t make big changes in life. Consider waiting a while making big decisions such as moving , remarrying,…

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