What is grieving?

When you experience a loss, any loss really, – loosing a pet, a dear one, a dream, your freedom, a friend, a spouse, …- you are overwhelmed with feelings such as loneliness, sadness, emptiness…. It feels like life stands still and you are put on hold.

It is important to know though that grief is a journey of letting go and not a permanent state of being. Also, grief does not have a time frame : some people need more time than others. Grief is like a rollercoaster : sometimes there are intense feelings or triggers like a song or a smell that intensify emotions, other days may be more relaxed.

Grieving is taking time to transform that what you have lost to good, heartwarming memories. Knowing that the hurt will fade, grief teaches you that the essence of what you had, or what you lost will have transformed you as a person and stay with you forever. That’s the beauty of the process of grief.

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