When to reach out?

Grief and loss are not only experienced when a loved one dies. Every time when something that matters comes to an end, there are conflicting feelings because we realize that things will not go back to what they were or will be the way again they used to be. Phases of transitioning such as children growing up, leaving for college/university, a move, changing jobs are normal and healthy in life but may leave you with conflicting feelings, grieving a time that has gone by. Most people pay little attention to these ‘life losses’; they tell themselves to get over it and accept the way things turn out. Not necessarily wrong or bad, but often feelings get suppressed and later on in life cause unresolved pain. That’s what we focus on in Heal Your Heart : the unresolved pain that causes grief and keeps you from enjoying life.

When you have experienced

  • the loss of a spouse
  • the loss of a child
  • a miscarriage
  • a sudden loss
  • an accident
  • the cup half empty
  • a divorce
  • another move
  • the loss of a job
  • a suicide
  • an empty nest
  • an emotional surplus
  • loosing your home
  • loosing a pet
  • a broken romance
  • deteriorating health
  • a burn-out
  • I can’t handle life

When an event has impacted your life; an accident, sexual abuse, anxiety, …
When the doctor does not find the cause of your body aches; heart palpitations, stomach aches, ulcers, head aches, …
When you feel lost and confused about your emotions; sadness, questions about the purpose of life, empty feelings, mental health concerns, …
When you hold anger or grudges against family, a friend, a colleague, God,…

and you want to feel better,
but don’t know how,

then THIS is the place for you!

You can opt for INDIVIDUAL sessions via the PHONE or ON-LINE

Sessions offered in English or Flemish (Dutch)

​Price: I strive for accessible health care
IMPORTANT : a minimum of 8 sessions is needed to complete the program.
A receipt of payment will be sent after every session. Some insurance companies may offer limited coverage for counselling or mental health services. Please check it out.

It can happen that unexpectedly you have to cancel the appointment. That is possible by e-mail at least 2 hours in advance. If not, unfortunately reserved time will be charged.

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