Liz P.

“My husband passed away last year – and months after that I experienced strong chest pains. I went to the hospital and got everything checked out physically. Nothing was wrong. My family thought that I would benefit from grief counseling, thinking that I had not dealt with his passing yet. So, I contacted Ilse through our funeral home. My family was right; and I can not express how much it helped me- not only dealing with my current loss, but also to grasp and understand other losses in my life.

Ilse is very insightful and caring; she helped me find the right way to deal with my loss and uncover the positive ways to move forward in my life. I will not forget my loss but I am forgiving myself for the anger,guilt and resentment that accompanied my grief.

“Heal Your Heart” pretty much sums up what Ilse does – or she can set you on a course to be healed from heavy hurts, losses, sadness and grief.”

Liz P.

Published by Heal Your Heart

Hi, I am Ilse!! I started my interest in Grief, Death and Dying during my Masters in Religion, from which I graduated at the University in Leuven, Belgium. I got a teachers degree and pastoral community work certification as well. I worked towards a certification of Health Educator at the European Academy for Complementary Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium. My family has lived in different Latin-American countries. In 2009 we arrived in Canada and that's when I decided to certify in “intervention in palliative care’. I also got a grief Edu-Therapy certification, a cognitive behavioral approach to grieving. I am certified by ADEC, the Association for Death Education and Counseling as a grief educator. I am a member of the OAMHP, Ontario Association for Mental Health Professionals In my practice, now situated in Oakville, Ontario, I accompany adults and teens coping with any kind of LOSS by providing a safe, confidential, non-judgmental place where they can discuss their experiences and share their thoughts, feelings and reactions.

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